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The secret to success lies in attention to detail, hard work, excellent ground-work and the continuous improvement of skills along the way.

VWK9SA\K9 Law Enforcement Explosive Detection K9 (EDD) and Vapor Wake K9 teams provide a strong visible presence and therefore act as a psychological deterrent against criminal and terrorist threats.

EDD and Vapor Wake K9 teams are the most effective counter-measures available for the detection of explosives.

The EDD and Vapor Wake K9 teams consist of a SACAA CERTIFIED K9 and handler, and are experts in conducting searches for a variety of explosive materials in the environs of numerous assigned facilities.
It cannot be stressed enough that EDD\Vapor Wake K9 teams play a critical role in ACSA\CARGO comprehensive preventative security measures, by supporting strategic explosive detection activities.

They also provide immediate and specialised responses to bomb threats where unattended packages or other dangerous items are detected; in many instances EDD\Vapor Wake K9 teams are able to quickly rule out the presence of dangerous materials, enabling the client to continue operating with minimal or no interruption at all