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VWK9SA\K9 Law Enforcement Explosive Detection K9 (EDD) and Vapor Wake K9 teams provide a strong visible and psychological deterrent against criminal and terrorist threats.

EDD and Vapor Wake K9 teams are the most effective counter-measure available for explosives detection.

The EDD and Vapor Wake K9 teams are made up of a SACAA CERTIFIED K9 and handler, conduct searches for a variety of explosive materials near building exteriors, secluded areas, security checkpoints, vehicles, packages, and pedestrians in and around assigned facilities.

Additionally, every K9 has its own personal file which is updated during every training session on the day.

Up-to-date data is collated and gives VWK9SA\RAPS K9 Law Enforcement offers clarity, enabling -ongoing progress, which is used towards continued improvement. VWK9SA\RAPS K9 Law Enforcement trainers need to be aware of the success-rate in training, as well as operational work.

The K9s need to meet certain criteria before being deployed, which in turn gives us the ability to detect small mistakes that require immediate correction.

VWK9SA\RAPS K9 LAW ENFORCEMENT offers its clients a maintenance training programme, which gives it the ability to mark down successful and unsuccessful repetitions.

As K9 trainers it is important that we understand the facts behind K9 detection training; such as the amount of scent used, how long the scent was placed for, and distraction odours.

Regarding tracking, the important information includes the length of the track, wind, humidity, the time that the track was aged and the K9's accuracy.

The above information provides VWK9SA\RAPS K9 LAW ENFORCEMENT the skills to judge the K9's improvement and success rate, and whether it is necessary to apply any remediation. These records allow VWK9SA\RAPS K9 Law Enforcement to prove to ourselves and its clients the true value and success rate.